August 30th, 2005


Quick notes on how to mod Awakening

I know some of you would rather use Mage: The Awakening for Ascension games or otherwise divorce it from the World of Darkness. Here are some tips:

1) Eliminate the mana cost for improvised magic.

2) There are some powers that are limited to stay equivalent to their counterparts in other games. Drop those restrictions and base everything on Potency.

3) Ignore Path and Order. Just pick 3 arcane skills that provide a +1 bonus to rote rolls, one favoured Gross Arcana and one favoured subtle Arcana. In addition, I suggest one more Arcana to open up concepts.

4) Invent two oblations, one set of path tools and describe your own gestures instead of the Atlantean mudras. Pick a ritual language of your own instead of High Speech.

Old School Example: A Euthanatos from the Knights of Radamanthys has the favoured Arcana of Death, Fate and Forces. His oblations include cave meditation and weapons training. Weapons and bones are his path tools. His mystical language is Greek; he uses gestures from Greek funerary monuments and paintings. His favoured arcane skills are Weaponry, Investigation and Occult.

Straight Out of a Comic Book: King Mob favours Mind, Fate and Spirit. His oblations include sex and drugs. His path tools are his wardrobe, guns and scorpions (depictions or real ones). His mystical "language" consists of pop culture references. His gestures are martial arts movements. His favoured arcane skills are Brawl, Firearms and Expression.