Lord Have Mercy

This still exists and I can get in it, after Dad passing away, 9/11/01, relationships, a marriage, etc, etc. I was 27 when I signed up for this thing. Here we are, now.


I know, I know, I suck at updating this, and this is one of those awful links to my self-hosting blog/site/thing.

I've had an urge to write very non-commercial fiction. It's nerdy dungeon fantasy stuff (it's partly inspired by sensible submission guidelines that say, "Don't send us this stuff") written in a style that I don't think is really accessible. I'm playing around with this instead of NaNoWriMo as a warmup for something more structured.

Go on and take a look.

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Testing Dreamwidth. I will be crossposting to LJ by default, so you won't miss much. My username is the same in both places. eyebeams forever!

What We Talk About Around the House

D the Munchkin wanted to watch Star Wars, so I put on Ep 3. K came down. Conversation:

Amidala on TV: Ani, I'm pregnant! What are we going to do?

Me: Too bad there's no abortion in Star Wars.

K: Too bad there's no contraception in Star Wars!

Me: They wouldn't use it. Ani would be like "It's okay baby . . ."

K: ". . . I used the Force!"

Me: He does look like the type to say that kinda thing, doesn't he?

We talk about this kind of stuff a lot.